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There is no other better product than En Vogue Sculpted Nail System!
I have been using En Vogue for over a year Now and

En Vogue Nail Systems is the avant-garde of artificial nails. Their nail system is a resin which is made from selected, high purity, dental grade raw materials, mostly imported from Europe.

En Vogue products provide premium flexibility, non-porous, top-of-the-line service without annoying odors, yellowing,  or using any harsh chemicals for application or removal.


$25 Spa Manicure:
Enjoy a hand manicure with your choice of nail polish color and finish off with a relaxing arm and hand massage with essential oils and hand creams.

$35 Shellac Polish (one color, no nail art):
This service comes with a mini manicure and your choice of shellac nail color.

$55 Full Gel Set (with French or color tip, no nail art):
En Vogue Gel nails. Only the best for you!  En Vogue Nail system is a scratch resistant high shine, non-yellowing, non-porous, flexible, odor free, toxic free and acid free system

$40 Gel Overlay – Full Set (overlay only. No French and no nail art):
This service great for a natural look high shine look. This application is done with our best En Vogue clear gels with no french or colored tip.

$45 Gel Fill :
En Vogue Gel nail fill with your choice of french tip or not. For extra tip colors add an extra $5. 

$5-$20 Extra nail art, all over color or color french:
I suggest that you speak with your nail tech about what you are looking for and we will be happy to accommodate your needs. 

** Please note: some art can be very complicated and can take a lot of time, therefore all art and any other specialties or requests need to be discussed with your nail tech first so that price and time frame may be discussed and agreed upon before your appointment. **


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